Part Two/The Εxpectation, 2016
Let’s talk about nothing, 2016

Research and development of the work Albi welcomes The New Green (Residency program at the center of Contemporary art LeLait, in Albi, France.)

The project concerns the creation of a contemporary myth, of The New Green company, established in 2015, that has made the first discovery of a formula that converts the green color found in nature into blue.  The company applies this formula to gardens all around the world by taking a plant-based blue pigment bringing it back to its natural habitat thus cultivating an oneiric environment that rescues lost dreams.

Through its commercial campaign, the company presents a new trend of worldwide change that starts with the conversion of the natural landscape and promises that the embrace and acceptance of this transformation can make the impossible a reality.

The New Green developed a fiction narrative linked to Albi’s history and its advertisement campaign promoted to Albi’s people today that the company’s vision is based on Albi’s traditional Pastel production methods that had started in the 15th century. TNG’s scientists, technologists and specialized gardeners following the Albi example, developed and improved Albi’s techniques that take the Blue from plants and return it to Green. The New Green paying homage to Albi, promoted this history and technique in order to retransform the city into the capital of BLUE GOLD, giving back to Albi its old glory and wealth.

Through its advertising campaign, slogans, posters, flyers and banners, the performers (TNG’s specialists) standing at the public space of Albi were calling people to discover what you never dared to do, travel where you never imagined, explore the irrational, believe in the unattainable, and feel part of a whole that you have never before experienced.

At the same time a fiction narrative was born that linked Albi’s important historical personalities, (Lapérouse, the famous French navigator, Leon Aussel, landscape architect of Parc Rochegude, the City Hall), with the history of The New green company.

The TNG performance was repeated at the opening of the exhibition “Remember the present”, where the narrative brought to life the characters and natural and scientific elements as well as the company’s linked past with Albi and the possibilities of nature’s transformation into blue, that made people wonder, believe, suspicious, dream, hope.

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